DeKalb County Sportsman’s Show
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Buy, Sell, Trade Firearms and all related items!

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Interested in selling goods
at the show?
It couldn’t be easier!


Six-foot tables are only $20 paid in advance. Tables on the day of the show are $25; subject to availability.  Dealers CALL Mick at (815) 217-2266 for reservations and send checks to:



PO Box 26

Kingston, IL 60145





Questions?  Call Mick at


Gun Laws and Safety Rules Strictly Enforced!

For your convenience:


Firearm Transfer Forms available for firearm sales between Illinois residents.


FOID card required for ILLINOIS residents

to buy guns or ammunition.

We have licensed dealers who can appraise and purchase firearms on site!

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Illinois F.O.I.D. Card processing

only available on-line here.